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proto 6 and new ideaspublish
The plan aka the missionpublish
the big picturepublish
project name: sinneb 6vpublish
LCD prototypepublish
MCP4921 12bit DAC voltage controllerpublish
MCP42100 Potmeter with SPIpublish
XR2206 function generatorpublish
sinneb36 prototype 8: 3 voices polyphony controlled by Arduino!publish
XR2206 making noise!publish
Arduino midi monitorpublish
will have to go DCOpublish
The Sinneb Sinepublish
First DCO prototypepublish
First proto using the 82C54 CMOS Programmable Interval Timerpublish
Second prototype using the 82C54publish
Third prototype: one voice!publish
Sinneb Aurora :: proto 5, one voice with ASRpublish
re-welcome at ehhh sinneb.netpublish
waveshaping 101publish
the 5v ideapublish
dual arduino :: voice generator & managerpublish
exponential converter current sourcepublish
VCA part done (well almost)publish
80017a measurementspublish
80017a / ir3109 exponential converterpublish
expo converter prototype... working!publish
designing the filterpublish
2-pole LM13700 lowpass filter working?publish
Redesigned the expo converterpublish
New synth in the workspublish
re-redesigned the expo converterpublish
expo converter working!publish
"tuned" the LPFpublish
redesigned the expo converter, againpublish
working combination!publish
beta juno106 filter replacement!publish
Impressed by Thor!publish
LCD optimizations and additionspublish
Arduino, CD4021 and SPIpublish
Control CD4021 and 74HC595 over the same SPI buspublish
Sawtooth VCO designpublish
USB/IP under Ubuntupublish
LittleBits synced to Volca Beats' pulse clockpublish
Calculating Landolt C ring size based on the visual acuitypublish
reminder: fixing locale warning on ubuntupublish
Livestream webcam via webm to browserspublish
Kivy and vite-vitepublish
SPI control of AD9833publish
Building an exponential converterpublish
LM13700 Triangle VCOpublish
The heated CA3046, part 1publish
Raspberry pi as high quality LFO generatorpublish
SSHing to a Raspberry Pi behind a firewall (Eduroam)publish
Senk, a 5v µModularpublish
A temperature controlled CA3046publish
edusynth, successor to senkpublish
edusynth, getting there!publish
edusynth, the boards!publish
µ-modular demo on YouTubepublish
Schematics, eagle files and build notes for the umodularpublish
Matrix mixing crazinesspublish
Development with STM32F7 discoverypublish
s4d testpagepublish
Serial midi on the Raspberry Pi Zero Wpublish
New VCO prototype: bennis|budge VCO v1publish
bennis|budge VCO v2.0 smd finished!publish
Replacing the CA3046 & understanding and replacing the tempcopublish
a modern take on the exponential converterpublish